Featured Projects

Basement Window Improvement

The Problem: This landscaping project involved a basement window that had only a section of culvert to hold back the earth. To compound the problem, the ground was virtually flush with the culvert edge, so water was able to get in, pool, and then leak through. On an aesthetic level, it was unpleasant to look at and affected the amount of light that could reach the basement, which further affected the basement’s value as another room in the house.

The Solution: Several inches of soil immediately around the culvert was removed to reduce the likelihood of future pooling and leaking. Brickwork was matched to the surrounding bricks and laid to act as a decorative and functional retaining wall for the surrounding earth. Stone was added for aesthetics and to prevent erosion.

Get quality landscaping from Valley View Landscapes in Front Royal, VA. Get quality landscaping from Valley View Landscapes in Front Royal, VA. Get quality landscaping from Valley View Landscapes in Front Royal, VA.

Stump Removal

The Problem: Basic stump removal of an average stump that was getting in the way. It was making lawn care more awkward, time-consuming, and stressful. There was also the risk of tripping over it, or someone falling against it and getting hurt.

The Solution: Because of the scope of a tree’s root system, digging out a stump by hand is a bad idea. It can take hours or days, requires a lot of physical labor, risks harm from the weather or overworking, and leaves a massive ugly hole in the yard. A tree grinder saved time and effort, was ultimately cheaper because the removal didn’t need an entire battalion to remove it over the course of days, and minimized the damage done to the rest of the yard.

Valley View Landscapes completing a stump removal project.

Playset Excavation

The Problem: A playset excavation was needed for a family with young children lived on a steep, rocky hillside. The parents wanted to purchase a playset so their children could spend time playing outdoors, but were concerned about the risk of one of the children being harmed by the harsh terrain. Budget constraints were an additional consideration.

The Solution: Being aware of the budget limitations helped with planning; breaking the work into phases allowed the children to use the area even while the project moved toward completion. For the physical location, a portion of the hillside was removed and the excavated area was leveled. Wooden fencing was erected for strength and aesthetics, and wire fencing was added to keep the children from rolling beneath the wooden fence, tumbling down the hillside, and getting hurt. Mulch was layered to soften any falls and reduce the severity of any injuries.

Excavation for a playground by Valley View Landscapes. Excavation for a playground by Valley View Landscapes.

“I wanted to share with you a picture of some very happy little girls! Thank you for getting this area started for our playset!”

Patio Project – Strasburg, VA

The Problem:  This patio project created some real challenges. Water was draining toward the center of the patio and pooling every time it rained. The standing water in the center was not only making it unusable for our clients, but it was also attracting mosquitos. Their tables and chairs wouldn’t even sit level on the old patio.

The Solution: The 12″ thick concrete pad had to be torn out so we could redo the grade. We then installed drainage ensuring all water drained away from the house and the patio. A new patio was designed with two pier kits to create columns for lighting, and we added accent lighting underneath the retaining wall cap.